Oxton Precision Engineers – Precision Engineering Services

Founded in 1977, Oxton Engineering is a precision engineering company based in the North West of England, Liverpool.

The company specialises in providing precision machining services and precision engineered components to clients throughout the UK including Manchester, Oxford and Ireland.

A management buyout in 2007 saw a radical culture change at Oxton with an unwavering commitment to business excellence and continuous improvement. Through the guidance of Directors Phil McWilliam and Colin Rooke, the company has expanded its precision machining services and expertise and invested heavily in new technologies to better service its clients needs.

Central to Oxton precision engineering’s success has been our responsive and flexible approach when it comes to meeting and exceeding our customer’s requirements.

By constantly evaluating our people, processes and equipment and enhancing them in relation to their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility, we are perpetually pushing the boundaries of the precision engineering skills, techniques and technologies essential to our business and, by extension, crucial to the activities of our valued clients ensuring we provide the best possible precision engineering services.