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Our ISO 14664-1 Class 7 clean room is a state of the art modern clean room facility. This means we can offer our customers a cleaning and clean assembly service of a guaranteed high standard. This can be used for any assembly work that requires high levels of cleanliness and provides assemblies that can be guaranteed to be contaminate free.

We first opened our clean room in 2008. It is an ISO Class 7 facility that utilises aqueous cleaning technology. Our clean room provides a temperature-controlled, dust-free environment guaranteed to have less than 352000 particles sized 0.5 um or above per 1m3. What this means for you is that we are able to build close tolerance assemblies free of contamination. To prevent product contamination, Oxton adopts strict rules and procedures meeting specified air flow rates, pressurisation, temperature, humidity, and specialised filtration standards. Due to the lack of national standards, these rules and procedures were developed in conjunction with one of our customers - a major player in the scientific industry that has considerable experience in clean room operations.

Our clean room is regularly calibrated to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained. Our four dedicated technicians who work in this area have received specialised training and fully understand the requirements and procedures for this sensitive environment.

In addition to providing a clean room assembly service for our own products, we also clean and assemble parts made by other companies, thereby offering our customers a means to deal with a single supplier.

In addition to our own calibration procedures, our clean room is validated by an external specialist on a regular basis. This validation includes:

  • Air Quality Particle Counts (ISO 14644-1)
  • H.E.P.A filter installation leak tests (ISO 14644-3)
  • Room Pressure Differentials
  • Room light levels
  • Room temperature and humidity levels
  • Room fabric integrity
  • Magnehelic Gauge Calibration

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Cleanroom Facilities
Cleanroom Facilities
Cleanroom Facilities