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Oxton Engineering specialises in providing precision engineered components and clean assembly to clients throughout the UK and Ireland. We offer a range of precision machining services, ultra high vacuum welding and leak checking and an ISO 14644-1 Class 7 clean room facility. We provide our customers with a wealth of experience and expertise from the prototype stage through to final manufacture.

Central to Oxton engineering’s success is our responsive and flexible approach. Our customers’ rate our responsiveness as excellent, and this holds true whether the customer is large or small. This is because we pride ourselves in providing a service experience that is second-to-none, no matter how diverse the needs.

We welcome requests for one-off prototype products, small batches and large production runs. Either way, you will be met with the same quality service, consistent results time-after-time, and customer service that is the best in the industry. We are committed to providing high quality products that meet all certification standards. As well as being ISO9001 accredited, we also hold customer quality approvals from Rolls Royce.

Our attention to detail isn’t limited to the product experience. We ensure that all our staff, our processes and equipment are the very best they can be. We constantly push the boundaries with respect to skills, techniques and technologies that add value to our processes, so that you, the customer value significantly from our skills and experience. Oxton’s primary objective is to provide first class precision machining and clean room assembly services that are of the highest standard.

Contact us today either by using our contact form, by telephone on 0151 647 9972 or by e-mailing and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Company History

Oxton Engineering was founded in 1977 and has been satisfying the precision machining and engineering needs of its customers for over thirty years. The company has seen many changes and improvements during its three decades in the industry.

In 1995 Oxton Engineering achieved its first quality accreditation, BS5750; this project started the culture of continuous improvement at Oxton. We currently hold ISO9001:2008 accreditation in addition to a number of customer accreditations.

The company’s vision underwent a major change in 2007, when a Management buyout saw current directors Phil McWilliam and Colin Rooke take over at Oxton. Prior to the buyout, Phil and Colin had almost 40 years experience at the company between them, in addition to significant experience they had in other companies. Their in-depth knowledge, coupled with their insight into World Class business practices meant they were able to modernise the company. This modernisation led to the company gaining work from a number of blue chip companies, whilst also increasing the volume of work from its existing customers. These changes were extremely successful for the company and led to the doubling of its turnover.

A major milestone for Oxton’s history was achieved in 2008, when the new ISO 14644-1 Class 7 Clean Room was opened, offering Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning facilities and Clean Assembly for the first time in its history.

Since its formation, Oxton have continued to expand its production services and in 2012 moved to new, larger premises on Cleveland Street, Birkenhead in December. The move to the new 13500 sq ft building involved significant investment; in the new building, new machinery, and the formation of a new dedicated bonded store facility.

The move to the new premises was undertaken in tandem with significant updates to the processes and systems already being implemented. This was aided by the company’s participation in the Knowledge Exchange scheme at the University of Liverpool. These changes to the physical factory, the planning systems and the working processes, have ensured that Oxton remains a forward facing, major competitor in the Precision engineering industry.

We now provide an impressive range of parts and assemblies, made by ourselves and our trusted sub-contractors, for some of the largest and leading companies in the scientific, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

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Our Team

Our success rests not just on our processes and state of the art machinery, but on the dedication, experience and expertise of our staff. We are continuously investing in our staff in terms of training and as part of our commitment to the next generation of experienced engineers; we have a number of apprentices currently training at Oxton.

Over the last five years our team has grown significantly to form a workforce which have skills and experience in many different areas of precision engineering.

Our friendly and reliable staff ensure that our customer service is second to none, so please if you have any enquiries, get in touch either through or by e-mailing any of the people below:

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Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to be the leading supplier of precision engineered components in all the industries that we operate within, providing great quality services at a price that is competitive.

Our values provide the framework for how we do business. The way we do things is as important to us as the results we achieve. These values underpin how we aim to behave, how we interact with our customers and suppliers and what we inspire to be as an organisation.

We have a set of values that we call "The Oxton Way" which we deem to be critical to maintaining our position as a respected, profitable company that works together with customers and suppliers to develop sustainable relationships for the future. We pride ourselves on our:

The Oxton Way


Timely, efficient and dedicated Oxton prides itself on its responsiveness. We are well equipped with the necessary buffer capacity to accommodate fast track orders, one-offs or small batches with special requirements.


Continued investment in new and advanced machinery allows us the flexibility to meet our customers’ needs, from the prototype stage to final manufacture. Our wide range of machinery allows jobs to be manufactured via various routes thus increasing flexibility. This flexible approach is also aided by having a multi-skilled workforce.


Operational quality and reliability are ensured through adherence to international quality standards such as ISO 9001:2008. We carry out regular internal quality audits to ensure consistency and continuous improvement. We also check that our suppliers and sub-contractors can meet both our own standards and our customer’s standards.


We understand that our customers want seamless communication. Our client relationship strategy of having a compact customer base allows us to treat every customer as our only customer. This allows us to focus on relationship building and the ability to accommodate all our customers’ needs.